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Biken is a pioneer vaccine bio-specialty pharmaceutical organization with 85 years of expertise in vaccine development and production. Our mission is to protect precious lives around the world through supplying excellent vaccines. Our vision is to contribute to the health of people around the world through development of innovative and high quality vaccine products. All Biken members pledge to act through our 3 core values; Passion, Honesty, and Excellence in Innovation. We welcome long-term partnership and alliances to strengthen our network of innovation and to deliver high quality vaccine products.

Our Areas of interest

A-Business partnership

  • Human vaccine products licensing in
  • Human vaccine bulk and final product export
  • Developing and global marketing partnership of current and vaccines in pipeline

B-License in/Co-development of novel technology

  • Innovative vaccine production technologies (Mab/Recombinant protein production technologies, New carrier protein, conjugation technologies, Nucleic acid based vaccines, viral vector based vaccines)
  • New adjuvants and vaccine delivery systems
  • Novel vaccine antigens of infectious microorganisms and screening technologies
  • Infectious diseases models, diagnostic and immune protective biomarkers of infectious diseases

We welcome collaboration with pharmaceutical companies, bio-ventures, academia, non-government and government organizations. Together we might make great things happen.

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Media / Other

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