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85 years of History in vaccine development resulting in several “Japan First” approved vaccines

Dr. Tenji Taniguchi
(third person from the left, front row)

BIKEN Foundation started as a pioneer venture company established at Osaka University, by philosophy and passion of a young bacteriologist, Dr. Tenji Taniguchi, and with a capital as a donation from a businessman benefactor, Mr. Gendo Yamaguchi. Driven by the strong passion to “provide excellent vaccines, free the people from the fear of infectious diseases and protect lives” we developed several Japan First* approved vaccines.
In 2014, BIKEN Foundation was merged with Japan Poliomyelitis Research Institute. In 2017, BIKEN foundation established “BIKEN Co., Ltd” as a joint venture with Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation with the aim of stable vaccines supply. We contribute to infectious diseases eradication by supplying vaccines and transferring vaccine production technologies all over the world.

*Including products from other companies approved and launched on the same day

List of Japan’s First Vaccines produced by BIKEN

Japan's first oral poliovirus vaccine approved (the former Japan Poliomyelitis Research Institute)
Japan’s first freeze-dried live attenuated measles vaccine approved

Freeze-dried live attenuated
measles vaccine (at that time)

Contribution to the prevention and elimination of measles in Japan and the world

We developed the vaccine using an unprecedented technique “passage on the chorioallantoic membrane”. The vaccine was introduced to national routine immunization and contributed to the elimination of measles in Japan (2015). We also supplied the vaccine to the UNICEF and transferred production technology to Brazil which contributed to the measles prevention worldwide.

Japan’s first freeze-dried live attenuated rubella vaccine approved
Japan’s first freeze-dried live attenuated varicella vaccine

Freeze-dried live attenuated
varicella vaccine (at that time)

BIKEN developed World first live attenuated Varicella vaccine.

The live attenuated Varicella virus strain developed by BIKEN (OKA strain) is the only WHO-approved strain for Varicella vaccine production. This strain is currently used to produce vaccines worldwide. In 2014, Varicella vaccine was added to the children routine vaccination in Japan. In 2016, Varicella vaccine was additionally approved in Japan to prevent Herpes zoster in 50 years old or older persons.

Japan’s first freeze-dried live attenuated measles, rubella combined vaccine approved
Japan’s first freeze-dried cell culture-derived Japanese encephalitis vaccine approved
Japan’s first adsorbed diphtheria-purified pertussis-tetanus-inactivated polio
(Sabin strain) combined vaccine approved

Contribution to the efforts for global polio eradication

We developed the world’s first inactivated polio vaccine using attenuated poliovirus.
We transferred our vaccine production technologies to developing countries, which contributed to the global polio eradication.

BIKEN will continue to provide excellent vaccines and strive to lead the way to a healthy future where people are free from the fear of infectious diseases.