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Use of this Website

The BIKEN Group website (hereinafter, “this website”) was created and is operated by the BIKEN Group (hereinafter, the “Group”). Please read carefully and understand the following terms of use before using this website. When the user has started to use this website, it shall be deemed to have agreed the following terms of use.


The texts, illustrations, images, and any other content of this website are the property of the Group and content provider, and are protected by the Copyright Act, Trademark Act, and any other relevant laws of each country. This website shall be used only for nonprofit and personal purposes, and other purposes of use as permitted by laws; this website shall not be downloaded or copied for purposes other than those aforementioned.


The Group shall not guarantee the reliability, accuracy, usefulness, timeliness, or completeness of the information contained in this website. The Group shall not bear any responsibility for interruption of the functions of this website, occurrence of errors, or existence of risks such as viruses and other harmful entities in this website or server. The Group shall not bear any responsibility for any damages caused by accessing or failing to access this website, or by believing the information contained in this website. This website shall not provide information on medical advice, diagnosis and consultation, or medical practice by qualified healthcare professionals such as physicians and pharmacists. In addition, the information contained in this website is not a substitute for that. The information about products is not intended as an advertisement of such products or their efficacy.


If you wish to add a link to this website, please contact the Group in advance to obtain approval. The Group shall not bear any responsibility for contents of third-party websites linked to this website or the third-party websites whose links are present in this website.

Change of listed information

The Group may change information and address (URL) of this website without notice to its users, or shut down this website. We appreciate your understanding in advance.

Information provided via email, etc.

The Group shall not be obliged to respond to information provided by users via email, etc., and such information, except personal information, shall not be regarded as confidential. The Group may use such information, except personal information, for any purposes freely. For handling of personal information, please see “Handling of Personal Information” explained separately.

Governing Law

The terms of use of this website shall be governed by the laws of Japan and interpreted based on the said laws. The Osaka District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance over all disputes arising out of the terms of use of this website.