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BIKEN Foundation

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Developing into a Bio-Specialty Pharmaceutical Organization based on our Mission to Supply Vaccines

The Research Foundation for Microbial Diseases of Osaka University (BIKEN Foundation) was first built at the campus of the University in 1934, supported by the strong passion of a bacteriologist to “protect Japanese people from infectious diseases” and donations by a philanthropist.
While another institution established at the same time (currently known as the Research Institute for Microbial Diseases of Osaka University) has conducted basic research on microbial diseases, the BIKEN Foundation has been engaged in applied research, manufacturing vaccines and providing laboratory services. This pioneering venture business model has led to developing and supplying a number of first vaccines in Japan.

Using its proprietary biotechnologies, the BIKEN Foundation not only conducts research and development and manufacture and supply of vaccines and other biological products, but also provides laboratory diagnostic services that contribute to the prevention of infectious diseases and early detection of cancer. We strive to develop the world’s first innovative made-in-Japan biological products through open innovations using the network with academia that was created since its establishment.

General Information

The Research Foundation for Microbial Diseases of Osaka University
Date of Establishment
June 6, 1934
Basic fund
JPY500.05 million
Number of Employees
898; As of April 1,2021
Total asset amount
JPY184.0 billion; As of April 1,2021
Koichi Yamanishi ; Director General
Suita City, Osaka
•Research on microbial diseases
•Manufacture and sale of vaccines and other biological products
•Aid to academic research
•Clinical test searvices

Officers List

Director General
Koichi Yamanishi
Managing Director
Hiroshige Matsuhisa
Managing Director
Yoshihiro Ueda
Managing Director
Seiichi Murakami
Managing Director
Takashi Tanaka
Managing Director
Yoshihiro Yoneda
Yutaka Kuwahara
Hiroshi Yoshino
Yasuko Mori
Corporate Auditor
Naoshi Suzuki
Corporate Auditor
Nobuyuki Doi