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Announcement of Organizational Changes and Personnel Changes



The Research Foundation for Microbial Diseases of Osaka University (hereinafter,”Biken”) announced that the following organizational changes and personnel changes were implemented as of today.

1.Organizational changes (Effective April 1, 2016)
●Reorganization of Research and Development Division
Clinical Research Section is newly established for building a framework to promote collaborative research with medical institutions and doctors more efficiently and effectively in a broader scope and with stronger collaboration.
●Reorganization of Production Division
Towards a start-up of full-scale operation of production facilities at Seto Center, Manufacturing Department1 and 2 are restructured, and Manufacturing Department and Production Engineering Department are newly established to reinforce collaboration with other divisions as well as mobility and streamline resource management.
●Establishment of Human Resources Department
Human Resource Department is newly established as an independent department responsible for human resources function which was within General Affairs Department to strengthen organizational base, development of human resources, dissemination of personnel management policies and compliance.
●Reorganization of Corporate Planning Department
Public Relations Section is newly established to strengthen public relations function. Product Management Section, is newly established in Corporate Planning Department to build a structure which can promote cross-divisional collaboration more efficiently and effectively for product management which was previously handled by Production Division.
2.personnel changes (Effective April 1, 2016)
New Title Name Former Title
Assistant Director,Division Manager of Production Sadao Manabe Division Manager of Production
Assistant Director,Division Manager of Business Development Hiroyuki Fujita Division Manager of Business Development
Division Manager of Marketing and Information Isao Fuke Division Manager of Quality, Safety and Regulatory Affairs
Division Manager of Quality, Safety and Regulatory Affairs Hitoshi Fukuda Division Manager of Marketing and Information


Biken has a long history stretching back to its establishment in 1934. Since then, it has been engaged in the development, production, and supply of a wide variety of important vaccines based on the results of pioneering basic research activities conducted by the Research Institute for Microbial Diseases, Osaka University for more than 80 years. Through these efforts, Biken has contributed to the prevention of infections both in Japan and overseas. The principal Biken vaccines include the varicella vaccine and influenza vaccine. Biken continues to place a premium on public welfare and to the further development of its work. Biken is committed to ensuring the continuous and stable supply of high-quality vaccines through the dedicated efforts of its personnel. Moreover, Biken will promote its work in order to improve global health and quality of life (QOL) through the development and supply of innovative next-generation vaccines.

Miho Maruoka, Public Relations Section