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Purpose of Use

Purpose of use of personal information

Personal information retained by the BIKEN Group shall be used for the following purposes.

1. Personal information about healthcare professionals such as physicians and pharmacists

・Collection, provision, and communication of information about the quality, safety, efficacy, and appropriate use of drugs, etc. ・Investigation and understanding of delivery destinations, status of use, user needs, etc. of drugs, etc. ・Request for and implementation of clinical studies, post-marketing surveys, etc. of drugs, etc. ・Response to occurrence of adverse reactions, occurrence of accidents, collection, etc. of drugs, etc. ・Member certification of the website for healthcare professionals and communication to the members ・Investigation and research in the medical and pharmaceutical fields ・Implementation of academic activities such as conferences and lectures and support for them ・Collection, provision, and communication of medical and academic information ・Notification and reporting to government agencies, participant organizations, etc.

2. Personal information about persons who send inquiries and contact regarding products

・Review and investigation of details of consultation, inquiries, communication, etc., and responses to them ・Communication and provision of products to salespersons and healthcare professionals ・Information distribution ・Checking on the website for healthcare professionals ・Notification and reporting to government agencies, public offices, etc.

3. Personal information about outsourced laboratory testing

・Implementation of outsourced sample testing, reporting of test results, and response to inquiries

4. Personal information about business partners and other stakeholders

・Business-related communication ・Understanding of information about claim and credit management ・Sending of leaflets, greeting letters, etc.

5. Personal information about job applicants

・Provision of information and communication to job applicants during their job seeking activities ・Review of job application, determination of employment, and response to inquiries ・Implementation and communication of pre-employment processes and other information to hired applicants

6. Personal information about personnel (existing and retired) and their families

・Management of attendance, salary payment, personnel assignment, performance assessment, career development, benefits, safety and health, etc. ・Communication to the labor union, health insurance association, etc. ・Notification and reporting to government agencies, public offices, etc. ・Communication, consultation, and inquiry regarding gatherings such as alumni meetings

7. Shared use

The BIKEN Group may share personal information for the purpose of use as specified above to provide comprehensive services within the group.

・Personnel information to be shared: personal information as described in 1 thorough 6 above ・Scope of shared users: The Research Foundation for Microbial Diseases of Osaka University and BIKEN Co., Ltd. ・Organization responsible for shared use: The Research Foundation for Microbial Diseases of Osaka University